Guiding and Supporting your Corporate Expansion into the Eastern African business market

Lerai ([L] [e] [r] [a] [i] )Advisory Group is a boutique Strategy Consulting and Market Assessment firm that provides a comprehensive “Market Entry Package” for companies seeking to invest in the Eastern Africa region.

We are a small team and work closely with our clients to address their critical business needs. We support our clients from project conception to strategy deployment. We know the Eastern African market extremely well. The team has extensive industry work experience in several African markets within leading companies (McKinsey, Procter & Gamble, HP, GE etc). Consequently, Lerai consultants understand the business challenges that our clients face and we can draw on our experiences to deliver actionable business solutions. Lerai has a large local network at all levels.

Our client’s success is at the heart of everything that we do. We are extremely committed to our work and maintain the highest standards in all that we undertake.


For Investors

In Depth Market Assessment
Adhoc Market Research
White Space Mapping
Strategy Consulting

With External Partners
HR Solutions
Office Space

For Policy Makers

Identification of local investment opportunities

For EA Companies

Raising capital for established EA companies
Identification of Pan African or, Other Business partners
White Space Mapping



 Countries covered by Lerai directly

 Countries covered by partner firms


Lerai Advisory Group was started by Maureen Kimani-Lucas, a Kenyan who is passionate about Africa’s growth potential. Maureen worked in Brand Management for Procter & Gamble (East Africa and Morocco), and later at McKinsey for Africa and Europe based clients. This industry and consulting experience, on two different continents, gives Maureen a unique understanding of the EA local market and opportunities as well as knowledge of issues faced by investors. She is supported by a local team with vast business experience on the African continent.

Why Lerai? Lerai, pronounced [L] [e] [r] [a] [i] and the singular form being “Olerai” is the Acacia Xanthophloea tree in Maa, the language of the Maasai people. It is also known as the Fever Tree and Naivasha thorn. Common to the entire EA region, the tree is very useful to local populations and is used in phytotherapy, for construction and, it provides a light shade. Visible from far, elegant in appearance, Lerai trees allow other plants to grow well at their base. In the same way, Lerai advisory offers reliability and support to its clients.